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Fivebond Co.,Ltd.

Established on August 25 2003, Business in Import, Distributor ,Rentals , Maintenance and training of lifting equipment.Our 2 main group: Man lifting equipment (AWP) is instead of using scaffolding. and Material handling equipment group. Use in industrial warehouses, hotel , Hospital , Constraction or contractor etc., Which are imported products from UK and Italy.

We are also have the energy and lighting products such as traction battery, Deep Cycle battery, Generator , Light Tower, Light Globe, as well as customized products. to meet the highest demands.

Service : We focus on excellent service.By skilled & experienced technicians team.We have network team of technicians who can provide quick services with quality spare parts at standard prices. Reduce the cost of delayed service. Reduced maintenance burden maximizes management efficiency.

We also provide training for users of various equipment. to be able to work properly and safety. Helps organizations succeed. Both in term of quality and reduced occupational accidents.
Throughout the past of period, the company has focused on being a one stop service provider.To be able to meet the customer needs under the slogan " Lift Up Business together"


Quality Product  Professional Service to meet the needs and satisfaction of customers.


We are leader that to meet the needs of customers in Man lifting & Material Lifting equipment by focus on safety standard.


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